To your surprise, it only takes 5 seconds for the opposite person to form your FIRST IMPRESSION. In today’s day and age, it’s all about how attractive things appear. I help in creating the perfect personal and professional image. I help clients explore and maintain their image for a particular lifestyle or event. These clients can be students, housewives, socialites, public figures, working professionals or even corporations who intend to uplift their image or re-position their brand.

I believe every person is different and has their own unique style and persona. Here I will fill you in with various chapters that will transform you into the real you based on your body and face shape. Series of silent signals play a vital role in the impression you give the world, be it verbal and non- verbal.  A complete mechanism  is carried out in order to uplift your image.

| Personal Style | Dress To Impress | Grooming & Hygiene | Posture & Communication | Etiquette

I also give speaking lessons be it for educational, inspirational, motivational purposes. This could be in form of seminars or workshops. Individual or Group sessions available.


Your outer image isn’t just about clothes and accessories but also about your face. Minute things make a difference and we make sure every aspect of your face be it make up or skin is taken care of.

Services include: (Make up & Skincare)

1)  Occasion make up : parties, events, weddings, formal dinners, etc

2) Personal lessons

3) Group Lessons

4) Workshops

NOTE: Modules are also altered according to specific requirements. I also tend to talk a lot about the above mentioned topics on my YouTube channel, subscribe here.


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My main objective is to make anyone and everyone the best version of themselves.