Pastels have always been my thing. When I come across any hue in pastel – it is certainly up for a grab. This pure pastel pink lies between saturated dusty rose and classically neutral light cream. One of the easiest colors to style with literally anything you own. Nothing really matters, not even the occasion – trust me! Infusing my favourite earrings with this pretty pink dress from Temt, this day was a fairytale on its own.

Strolling in Bali from street to street, indulging in some authentic food and ultimately reaching the famous party destination – Potato Head Beach Club. It was surely mesmerizing. As they say, what you eat is who you are – I say, what you wear is who you really are! 😉

You could style your outfit with anything from the bluest denim to any underrated tones of army green, glam up your closet with the easiest color this month.

Outfit : Temt, Singapore

Photographer :  Anneka Dave

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