Ever wondered how heaven would look?  Well, I just visited it and I wish I didn’t return. Spending sometime in Nice, France turned out to be one of the ‘nicest’ trips. Sunset beach walks with the city’s real grit, old – world charm and it’s glorious seaside location. Known as the unofficial capital of Côte d’Azur it was my dream to visit to this glamorous destination. Just as fabulous as it looked, it was an amazing sight strolling though the world famous seafront stretch, Pomenade des Anglais and playing hide seek in Vieux Nice, because getting lost in Nice’s old town alleyway’s  is definitely a highlight. Yes, we got lost and met our colleagues in middle of nowhere. (A situation that I could laugh on, a Bollywood movie in real ;)). The map of this place has barely changed since he 1700s, power packed with cafes, restaurants, bars and tiny boutiques selling souvenirs, clothing and hand-made soaps. The architecture in this place is brilliant to mention.

I dined at this super swish Blue Beach Plage Restaurant located between 2 private beaches. Service so amazing, juicy conversations and weather so complimenting – I was on top of the world! Not to forget, Cannes and Monte Carlo is just a good 30 min drive.

#whatiwore : I calculated the temperature before my arrival and packed in my favorite Uniqlo knee-length dress with my bright sandals. Absolutely loving the pop of two contrasting colors, I teamed it up with my classic Raybans and voila – I was ready to explore! The heat surely got to me and hence, the up hair- do and a ‘no bags please policy’ kept me with my camera bag all day long.  Minimal make up, like really minimal finished my look.

Tip: Visit this beauty in this lifetime or else is pointless even existing!

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